ACAM Youth Summer Camp 2019 少年夏令日营

"Faith and Science"

(Saturday)  August 10, 2019,  9 ama to 4 pm  - for youth entering Grades 6-12


ACAM Youth Summer Camp 2018 少年夏令日营

"God Saw That It Was Good - Is It Still Good?"

(Saturday) July 29, 2018, 9am to 4pm -- for youth entering Grades 6-12

七月廿八日(周六) 上午九时至下午四时 [适合升读六年级至十二年级的少年] 

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Youth Drama for Fun   少年话剧活动 (英语)  

Sundays 周日, 12:15pm - 1:15pm -- for youth from Grade 9 to 12 为9至12班的青少年而设

Building confidence to speak in English 通过话剧去建立说英语的信心


'Super Sundays' program  “超级星期天”活动

Sundays 周日   10:30am - 11:45 am

Children and youth learn and have fun through stories, singing, crafts, and games.

儿童及少年通过 故事、唱歌、手工、游戏 等有趣方式去学习